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Dark & Stormy

When you are focusing on making sure your costume is looking its best an easy delicious drink is just what you need. It only takes two ingredients—dark rum and ginger beer—to create this easy-drinking, refreshing classic cocktail from Bermuda. What to buy: A Bermudan classic, a real Dark ’n’ Stormy should be made only with […]...

Frankenstein and Patchwork Halloween Tutorial

This Halloween I was inspired by two of my favorite icons.. Frankenstein and Sally from “The Nightmare Before Christmas!” I wanted to incorporate them both into a nail look and today we are going to teach you how to do that. I really like this look because it gives a Halloween feel without using the […]...

Capturing Moments

Capturing Moments with The Buried Life n the summer after high school, three friends and I left home to accomplish a list of 100 things to do before you die. We left with a promise that for everything we accomplish off our list, we’d help a stranger do something on theirs.Our goal was to capture moments… […]...

Capturing Moments: Playlist

Music is a huge part of our lives and we are constantly soundtracking our adventures.  You know that feeling when you hear a song you haven’t heard for a long time and it brings you right back to that exact moment?  That is capturing a moment with music!  Below are some of our favorite tunes […]...

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 It’s #ManiMonday on @amoreandvita and our girl @thestephstone @stephstonenails has done not 1, not 2 but 3 #Halloween #NailTutorials on www.amoreandvita.com - Instagram and Tweet your manicures using #AVxSSMani #amoreandvita @shaym @michaelablaney  To wrap up our amazing week on "Capturing Moments" we decided to post a playlist. Nothing Captures moments quite like music! Check it out on www.amoreandvita.com @amoreandvita || @shaym @michaelablaney (Photo Cred : @poppetpenn @mauimakaphotography)  Another way to #CaptureMoments... Our fave photo apps and how to use them on www.amoreandvita.com @amoreandvita #amoreandvita - Also checkout the #epicbucketlist contest to capture moments using these apps on the blog!  Pumpkin Week was hearty and on point with the season! If you missed any of the recipes, DIY or fashion it's all on www.AmoreandVita.com @amoreandvita #amoreandita @shaym @michaelablaney
 Take a Moment... || #AVQuotes  @amoreandvita x @buriedlife #Wanderlust Edition - Come with us to Greece, Costa Rica and The Great Barrier Reef! And enter the #epicbucketlist contest to win a trip to these places with @contiki @contiki_US - Check it out on www.amoreandvita.com @amoreandvita #amoreandvita @shaym @michaelablaney ✈️  We spend a lot of time at #AmoreandVita living and enjoying life, we also spend just as much time documenting it.  This week the @buriedlife boys are here to help us do just that!  @contiki_US and @buriedlife also have an opportunity for you to go on an #epicbucketlist adventure and Capture Moments of your own...Check it out on www.amoreandvita.com @AmoreandVita @shaym @michaelablaney |  Cred: @poppetpenn/@mauimakaphotography  The PERFECT pumpkin patch outfits that we will be wearing this weekend on www.amoreandvita.com @amoreandvita #amoreandvita #outfits #ootd
 We Captured Moments all week on www.amoreandvita.com - we partnered with @buriedlife @contiki_US AND @simplyframed to break down the best ways to Capture Moments! Go check it out @amoreandvita #amoreandvita @shaym @michaelablaney  We ❤️ this way of capturing moments thanks to @simplyframed and their simple guide to gallery walls on www.amoreandvita.com !!  @amoreandvita #amoreandvita || @shaym @michaelablaney  Take a Moment... || #AVQuotes  A fun and simple way of making your floral arrangements seasonal and gorgeous with a little help from our friends @rendezvousflower - BONUS: Toasted pumpkin seeds  all on www.amoreandvita.com @amoreandvita #amoreandvita @shaym @michaelablaney