Beachy Shell Nails

Shay Mitchell Michaela Blaney Amore and Vita Shell Nails
For Beach Week I wanted to do an ocean inspired manicure using actual crushed seashells! I got this amazing shell nail art kit from Ciate nails and this was the opportunity to give it a try and give it our own twist. If you don’t have the Ciate nail art kit, you can probably find similar crushed shells at your local craft store as well!
We will show you how to finish this look in 5 simple steps, so give it a try and don’t forget to hashtag #AmoreandVita on social media to show us your final product!

Materials Needed:


  • Ciate Shell Nail Art Kit
  • Nude Nail Polish (Essie “Spin The Bottle”)
  • Blue Glitter Polish (Zoya “MOSHEEN”)
  • Nail Glue
  • Top Coat (NCLA “Gloss It!”)


Step 1
Paint one accent nail with your blue glitter nail polish and then the rest of your nails with your nude color. The blue glitter is reminiscent of the ocean water and the nude is a great color to match the sand at the beach!
Step 2
Pick two nails that you want the crushed shells to be on and apply nail glue to them over the polish.
Step 3
The Ciate nail kit comes with a clear tray, so hold your two glued nails over the tray and gently pour the crushed shells on top. Once the nails are fully covered gently press in the shells to secure them onto the nail. If you really want to ensure that the shells stay in place, feel free to apply another thin coat of glue on top of the nails.
Step 4
The Ciate kit also comes with a tiny funnel so that you can pour the shells back into the bottle once you are done. This is great so that you can save the shells for another application and there is essentially no mess!
Step 5
Lastly, apply a top coat to all of your nails. Paint top coat on to the non shelled nails first to ensure that you don’t accidentally drag any shells on to the polish only nails. Allow 15 mins to dry just to make sure that you don’t lose any of the shells!
Final 1
And there you have it! This beach inspired manicure is so chic that anyone can pull it off and is perfect for your last hurrah of summer!